ASAP stands for African Support & Assistance Project.
It is a UK charity, based at Mid-Cheshire College, dedicated to the support of education and communities in Africa. The charity was born from the desire of a group of college staff to do something that would benefit a school or community in Africa - the only continent in the world where living standards have fallen in the last two decades and the daily human misery has increased.

In the initial meetings of the ASAP group we decided to offer assistance to Befole Primary School in Lesotho. This was one of a number of schools who we considered (taking advice from the Charity for African Education who are involved in that region). All are desperately in need of help (Befole lost its building in a hurricane) but we could have chosen any one of many others – we do hope to spread our efforts eventually.

Befole Primary School is in the mountainous region of Lesotho, a country within South Africa. It has 255 pupils aged from 6 to 17 years sharing dilapidated buildings and very limited resources. Most classes take place in the open air and the pupils have to be sent home if it rains. The school desperately needs classrooms and equipment. Our aim is to raise funds to help provide classrooms for the children of Befole School.