Jan 2012

Jan / Feb 2012
Andrew Wright is undertaking another ride for ASAP - this time in Kenya (crossing the Equator) and Zanzibar. Follow progress on his blog -

Andrew in Kenya - Jan 2012

the special edition 'Equator' teeshirt

Grantham College and Loughborough College are now both supporting ASAP. Many thanks to them for joining our charity - we hope to welcome other colleges soon.

Future fundraising events include
* Art & Craft Fair
* Sponsored 20 mile canal walk
* MCC Student Fashion Show
* Car Boot Sales - April and Sept (MCC Car Park)
* Ceilidh
* Guided Mountain Climb

The following is an extract from one of the letters from the headmistress of Befole Primary School in which she describes the current situation at the school.

“Befole Primary School in the mountain areas of Lesotho is an area lacking social services. Now it has a roll of 255 pupils aged from 6 to 17 years old, seven teachers all government paid, our dilapidated block housing accommodates only three upper classes 5, 6 & 7. Our furniture was damaged during the first building destruction. The rest of the pupils are conducted in the open air. We use to send them home during bad weather conditions. There is no housing for teachers, no classrooms, kitchen, storeroom, chairs for teachers, chalkboards.

We have books supplied by Lesotho government. Highland Water Project promise to build us toilets so that pupils may no longer use bushes and dangers anymore. This place is so difficult. However the community is struggling very hard in road construction to enable the vehicles to reach the school. Mostly we need classrooms. Despite such handicaps the school has been doing reasonable well in the Primary School Certificate Examinations. We obtained 100% last year. This school really need your financial assistance. It is very poor school indeed."

Have your photo taken in an ASAP t-shirt. send it to us (with a donation) and we will find a prominent position for you in our website. You'll be famous! How do you get a t-shirt? Just contact ASAP - we'll sort one out for you from our vast supplies which are stored on the hand carved mahogony shelves of our cavernous clothing department. Just £5 - or free if you are undertaking an approved sponsored event for ASAP.

Judith, Alan, Sarah & Barbara  - original ASAP Committee members at Mid-Cheshire College (2006)